About The Publisher: Susan Troy

Welcome to Macaroni Kid Thornton/Northglenn/E Westminster! Macaroni Kid is a free, weekly on-line newsletter and website dedicated to covering the best kid and family-friendly events, guides, activities, and businesses in Thornton, Northglenn and East Westminster. 

We live in an amazing area to raise a family, and I'm thrilled to share all of the fun activities around town! Macaroni Kid is for you, our subscribers, so please don't hesitate to reach out with suggestions, ideas or events (you can reach me at susantroy@macaronikid.com). And of course share Macaroni Kid with local friends!

I'm Susan, your local publisher, and a fellow mom to two kiddos living in Thornton. We moved to Thornton in 2012 from Chicago, where my husband and I lived for many years until we decided we wanted to move west. I’m a mom to a fun little boy and girl, who keep me on my toes on a daily basis. As a family we love to get outdoors and explore our beautiful state. We hike, camp, ski, if it’s outdoors, we love it. My husband and I are also foodies and love great wine. We enjoy cooking yummy food and splurging going out to fabulous restaurants. And when I can, I try to get into a good book, there’s nothing like disappearing into someone else’s world for a little bit.

Macaroni Kid newsletters connect local businesses and organizations to our readers through a wide variety of digital, social and in person methods. Our website and newsletter reach more than 6,500 families in our local area each week. 

If you are interested in partnering with us, please reach out to me at susantroy@macaronikid.com or call 708-207-3778 for more information.