Review ~ National Geographic Outdoor Explorer Toys

Week 2: Expedition Sky Flare, Shoe Lights, and High Sierra Headlamp

August 16, 2012

Last week I first told you about Uncle Milton National Geographic Outdoor Explorer Toys~ The All Terrain Collector, Earth Tag, and the 4-in-1 Explorer Navigation Tool. (CLICK HERE for that review.) This week I'll be telling you about three more fun toys, especially suited for nighttime outdoor fun!

The Expedition Sky Flare (pictured above) flies through the air, kind of sling-shot style. The flare has a little red LED light on its tip, so it makes a nice red streak showing its flight path if it's dark enough. This cool toy was simple enough for even my 4-year-old to operate, and he and my 6yo had fun seeing how far they could make it fly. (Side note: They did a great job taking turns. Love that!) For older kids, you could have a contest to see whose Sky Flare can go the farthest, or you could set a target with a flashlight, or anything visible in the dark, and see who can get the flare closest to the target. The LED light can be switched off for battery conservation, and my kiddos enjoyed launching the flare in daylight, too, even though it wasn't as impressive without the red glow. We gave the Expedition Sky Flare two Macaroni-Thumbs up!

Technically, the Expedition Shoe Lights are for kids...but if you're klutzy in the dark woods like - ahem - yours truly, you just may want to steal them for yourself! You just clip them on to your shoes, choose white (for better lighting) or red (for "night-view" mode), and start walking around in the dark WITHOUT TRIPPING OVER ANYTHING. How cool is that?

While shoe lights are cool for walking, a lot of times you're going to need light for other things. Everyone knows how awesome head lamps are for hands-free flashlight action. The High Sierra Head Lamp allows your kiddos to have their very own head lamp for exploring, allowing you to hang on to your *own* head lamp so you have it when you need it!

Check back next week for the third installment in the Outdoor Explorer Toys reviews!

Uncle Milton is a Macaroni Kid sponsor. Even so, the opinions in this review are my own.