Macaroni Crafts ~ Fourth of July Noisemaker

By Anna Hall - MK Hickory, NC July 4, 2012
Since the ringing of the Liberty Bell in 1776, Independence Day has been filled with many celebratory sounds, from fireworks to cannon shots to patriotic music.  Help your kids make a little noise with these easy and fun noisemakers to join in the festivities this Fourth of July holiday.



- Two 9-inch paper plates
- Red and blue paints if using white plates (or save yourself the step of painting by using red and blue plates)
- Paint brush or foam brush
- Hole puncher (optional)
- Thin red ribbon
- Scissors
- Four each of red, white and blue pony beads
- Sticker Stars (or can use star foam shapes and white paint)


What to do:

- Paint and decorate bottoms of two plates in patriotic colors and patterns.  I painted one white plate with red stripes and the other plate solid blue and had my daughter cover with star stickers.

- Align the two plates together with the bottoms facing outward.  Punch or poke a hole through both plates on opposite sides.

- Cut two 20-inch pieces of red ribbon.  Thread each through the holes to tie the plates together on opposite sides.

- Thread a red, white and blue pony bead on each ribbon; tie a large knot at the end of the ribbon so beads don't slide off.

- Shake the noisemaker back and forth to make noise as the beads hit the plates.